Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fright Crew!

The "Fright Crew"

Ryan, Nolan, Jonah, Stan, Reed and Nubs the dog.

This weekend we had lots of help! Our dear friends, Nolan and Jonah came over for our annual yard decorating and they were a HUGE help. The boys are becoming quite the experts in "exterior illumination" and even offered to help decorate for Christmas!

My parents, Joan and Billy also came over as we tried to perfect the "ghoul face" on the front of the house. Thank you for your time, patience and your many, many trips up and down the ladder!

Stan has been programming for the past few days, but it's certainly not easy being in a sling! I have been putting together a flyer to put up around town and trying to figure out this whole "blog-thing". I can't believe that the show starts on Sunday!!!!


  1. I can't wait for the show this year! Love the fright crew!!!!!

  2. Love it!!! Thanks so much for having the boys - they had a blast and will be back for Christmas :)