Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Tis the season....

We just LOVE what we do!

We are having a blast this year with our many, many visitors! So many people have come from near and far to see the lights. We love looking down the driveway and seeing little faces pressed against the windows of their cars. It is such a joy to look through the reflection of the lights blinking in the car windows to see little mittened hands clearing away the glass to get a better look, and we are constantly amazed at the joy a candy cane can bring.

Thankfully, the rain has stopped, which makes our jobs much easier. With all the water, we have had a few glitches, that thankfully only took a few minutes to fix. "Stanta" has needed to take a few more breaks than normal to warm up and dry off in between visiting cars.

Saturday was a very busy night, with cars lined up around the corner. At one point, we couldn't see the end of the line! Thank you so much to Jeff, David and Emily for you help! Also, a huge thank you to Mary and Beth for your candy cane donation. We couldn't have done it without you. Everyone was so kind and patient despite the wait and the cold...thank you so much!

We hope that this weekend is just as busy as last weekend. We are almost half way to our goal of $6000, which would grant a wish of a Maine child, what better gift to give this Christmas season.

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