Monday, January 3, 2011

Drumroll please.....

The grand total for total donations to Make-A-Wish of Maine is........


Thank you to EVERYONE....there are no words to explain how grateful we are to all of those who helped set up, direct traffic, and help to spread the word (friends, neighbors, newspapers, NECN, radio stations, etc, etc, etc). Thank you to our AMAZING and generous neighbors, thank you to our "candy cane fairies" (who knew we were running out and supplied more). Thank you to for your supplies...thank you to Hayley and the Desjardins family for starting the show! Thank you to Mutty Freeman for his help with the intro to the show. Thanks to everyone who waited in line patiently and all of the kind words you shared with showed us what the Christmas spirit is all about and we thank you.

Thank you to EVERYONE at Make-A-Wish of are ALL angels on earth. You make magic for people who need it the most.

What a great year we had and we owe it all to YOU! Thank you.

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